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Seattle-based Vulcan Real Estate directs all real estate investment activities for Vulcan Inc., a Paul G. Allen company. Through strategic acquisitions and innovative development, Vulcan Real Estate has created a $1.5 billion diversified portfolio of high-performing quality assets including office, life sciences, residential and mixed-use projects. The company’s integrated team of real estate professionals offers a full range of development and portfolio management services from site selection and urban planning to build-to-suit construction, leasing, financing and asset repositioning. Its real estate model is based on quality, sustainable development that builds new value across the entire community. Since 1998, Vulcan Real Estate has delivered over 6.6 million SF of office, life sciences, residential and mixed use projects, 80% of which has occurred within our signature development, South Lake Union. One of the largest urban redevelopment projects in the country, Vulcan’s South Lake Union development portfolio includes 5.0 million square feet in 24 projects including 1,367 residential units. The company also has 400,000 SF under construction and 1,000,000 SF in pre-development planning.

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Vulcan Real Estate has created a $1.5 billion diversified portfolio through strategic acquisitions and quality sustainable development. Our team of professionals offers a full rage of development services.